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The Mark and Lard

SongBook, Including The Shirehorses Lyrics

The Cover Versions

Short Cover Versions

Sung Over The Travel Jingle...

These songs are all sung over the same melody which was later used as the Breakfast Show's travel jingle. They were broadcast when Mark and Lard did Hit The North.

Miscellaneous Songs

Remember, These records aren`t available in the shops cos they`re f****** awful.

Here are the lyrics to the songs that Mark and Lard have done. They are mostly based on existing songs but with seriously altered lyrics. Even if you have never heard the songs the lyrics are very funny on their own. They originally just did a few tunes to the tune of what became their Breakfast Show travel jingle. These proved a popular item so they began making their own versions of other peoples tunes. Most of them were broadcast on the Graveyard Shift but they continued the songs in a more censored form on the Breakfast show. If you have any lyrics for any songs which have not yet been transcribed then please send them in.

Many of these songs are available on The Shirehorse's album "The Worst Album In The World...Ever...Ever!"

In general Mark was doing drums and Lard did the guitars.

If you have spotted any mistakes in the lyrics or if you can add any song lyrics that are not down here then please email me.

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