SongBookThe Drowners

Based on The Drowners by Suede

Broadcast on 10/2/94.

Mark: Pecan, 
      Walkers, crisps,

      Somebody, someone, give me a bun,
      Oh, it's for me dinner,
      Well here are some lines from right down me spine,
Both: Oh, I'm, a kinky bugger. 

Mark: She's show, showing me offal,
      A little liver in a lovely slice,
      Show, show, showing me offal,
      All the people shag there parsley in time,
Lard: Oh,      

Mark: She sells pies,
      She sells mince,
      Oh dad she's driving me mad,
      So, o, o, o sausages. 

Thanks to Howard Emmens for some of these lyrics.

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