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Here are some pictures of everybody`s favourite DJ's.

Sky May 1996 Photo Shoot

Mark Radcliffe and Lard Having a Drink
(589x851 - 63kb)

Cookery Time
(472x458 - 39kb)

Mark and Lard in Bed. All totally innocent, honest.
(358x378 - 25kb)

Pool, Lard`s Arse and a Tub of Chocolate Spread
(928x798 - 119kb)

Welcome To Our House. (We Wish)
(968x892 - 119kb)

Other Photos

Mark, Lard & Frank SideBottom posing for a Hit The North poster.
(453x651 - 59kb)
Scanned by Paul Squires

In The Studio

Hiya! Another of those Mark sitting on Lard's shoulders pictures.
(382x636 - 20kb)

The Shirehorses
(401x709 - 32kb)
Mark & Lard's University Promo
A University promo that they did.
(473x345 - 25kb)
Scanned by Andrew Arthur

Fancy A Pint?

Ah, Boddingtons. The cream of Manchester.
(546x890 - 35kb)

Mark & Lard in The Studio

Welcome to our studio.
(683x480 - 49kb)

News Paper Scans

From the Recent Press Conference
(567x393 - 35kb)
Scanned by Richard Knotty

The New Breakfast show

A Breakfast Show Promo Picture
(650x374 - 41kb)

Hiya Girls!

This picture was taken in 1991 in Blackburn when Mark toured the cabaret circuit with his pal Chris Sievey who incidently invented the Mrs Merton character. On his pants is written the word 'virgin'.
(579x734 - 52kb)

Mark and Lard in Action
(538x498 - 47kb)

All These pictures are scanned by me unless otherwise stated.

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