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The Mark Radcliffe Show

The classic Mark Radcliffe Radio Show on Mon.-Thurs. 10-12p.m. on Radio 1 FM 97-99 finished in 1997. Mark Radcliffe and Lard took over the Breakfast Show Mon-Fri 7-9am from February 17th and moved to the Early Afternoon show from October 13th 1997 which is where they are now.

The Early Afternoon Show

Started October 13th 1997. It's from 2-4pm. It is very similar to when they were on the Breakfast Show. This show won the 1998 Sony Award for the Best Daytime Radio Show.

Mark & Lard's Breakfast Show Press Conference

The Breakfast Show

The Breakfast Show was Radio 1's Breakfast Programme broadcast live from the BBC's Manchester Studio. It was their chance to piss about on national and to make us laugh. Mark and Lard had to play some crap playlist records but they added good ones in as well. Their language was toned down a lot from the Graveyard Shift Show but it was amazing what they could get away with. It was from 7am - 9am Mon-Fri but it finished on October 10th 1997.

A Look back To The Graveyard Shift

Mark Radcliffe was the presenter and on most nights was joined by his sidekick Lard. The show consisted of a mixture of new and old music, humor, poetry, comedy sketches, films and much more. Mark played mostly guitar based music but often mixed in some ambient or dance. His show was less mainstream than The Evening Session but more accessible than John Peel`s Show. Indeed he was often referred to as the new John Peel. He played both new bands such as Kula Shaker and Oasis and classic bands such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. He played so many different bands that there was something for everyone

On most days Mark had live bands in session in the studio who come in to do 4 tunes such as Suede, Blur, Kenike and Whitetown. He also had many guests coming in. Look at the Guest Guide for details.

A regular feature of the show was their pre-recorded Comedy/Quality Items such as `Thought for The Day` with the Rabbi Lionel Blair and who could forget their Great Moments in Cinema where they unearth classic Cinema Scenes that never actually made it to the big screen. They also regularly do their own versions of other peoples songs with very funny lyrics - see See The Mark and Lard Songbook for details, or summat.
Radio 1's Graveyard Shift

Cult Radio

The weekly Radio 5 show hosted by Marc Lard Riley with Mark being the sidekick. It started on 29th December 1992.


Out On Blue Six

This was Mark's first program for Radio 1. It was a weekly one hour program which started in April 1991 and was broadcast on Mondays between 9 and 10pm. This really was a labour of love for Mark. The show had been his idea, and in it he played all the records that he liked and that no one else had heard of. These records included punk, psychedelic and garage music. Mark always sounded very enthusiastic and played all sorts of different records next to each other. At the time it was considered by many to be Radio 1's best show. It was critically acclaimed as well winning Radcliffe the 1992 Silver Sony Award for Best Specialist Music Programme.


Even Further Back - Hit The North

In August 1990 Mark started out on Radio 5's Hit The North. It was here that the radio partnership of Mark and Lard was really formed. This weekly show gave them a chance to build up their radio personas and it was from here that they started getting popular.

Hit the North Poster

People Who Mark & Lard Regularly Take the Piss Out Of

One of the best things about the show is it`s humor. Mark and Lard work together is one very funny combination. Lard is there to interject with catchphrases and he also has an amazing ability to make farty noises. The things seem very spontaneous so the show can and often does go from seriousness to complete chaos in just a few minutes.

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