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2011 News - Mark Radcliffe is going to be at the Words and Music Festival in Nantwich in October. Go to for details.

There are over 100 pages of Mark Radcliffe and Lard gubbins on this site so why not sit down by the fire, roast your nuts, and put on your favourite fluffy slippers whilst you stare into your computer monitor and learn about your two favourite Northern tosspots.

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  • After dissapearing from the fishing net for a few years 'Scrawn and Lard - The Unofficial Mark Radcliffe and Lard Website' is back. Fancy a brew?

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Web Pages Of The Whenever - New Photos - Photos of the BBC studio in Manchester where Mark & Marc 'Lard' Riley broadcast from, plus the Spar across the road and one of their regular pubs. Plus read about The Creepers which was Lard's band after he was kicked out of The Fall.

Hello and welcome to the site dedicated to Mark Radcliffe and Lard. This site is something I set up in 1997 to look back at and chronicle the lives and shows of Mark Radcliffe and Lard. I hope you like it.

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