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Hi here is where I`m sticking some Frequently asked questions and other stuff that doesn`t fit anywhere else.


1. What do Mark Radcliffe and Lard look like ?
See the picture below. Mark Radcliffe is on the left & Marc 'Lard' Riley is on the right. Obviously. This is a picture from their Press conference about moving to the Breakfast Show.

Mark & Lard

Have A look at my Pictures Of Mark and Lard

2. What Magazine/Newspaper Articles Have There Been On Mark And Lard
Quite a few, here are some that are recommended reading,
  • Guardian 4th January 1999 - Article on Mark & Lard
  • Q Magazine January 1999 - (p105) Review of Fat Harry White's album, "Hmmm Baby (The Seduction Selection).
  • FHM November 1998 - (p62) Review of Mark's book Showbusiness- The Diary Of A Rock N Roll Nobody.
  • No Pictures Fanzine Issue 8 July 1998 - Interview with Marc Riley
  • The Sunday Times 16th November 1997 - Interview with Mark and Lard about the Shirehorses on page 4 of the Times Culture supplement.
  • 18th September 1997 - A mention in most papers of the fact that Mark and Lard are moving to the 2-4pm slot.
  • The Star 17th September 1997 - A picture of Mark, Lard and Kylie Minogue.
  • Sky Magazine September 1997 - (p18) One page interview and picture of The Shirehorses.
  • Q Magazine September 1997 - (p3-7) Who The Hell Do Mark Radcliffe & Lard Think They Are?
  • Sunday Times Culture Supplement 9th March 1997 - (p8-9) An article comparing the Breakfast Shows of Mark and Lard, and Russ and Jono.
  • Melody Maker 8th March 1997 - A day in the life of Radio 1 with Mark on the front cover! (p8 - p12) Mark and Lard get a 2 page spread.
  • NME 8th March 1997 - A day in the life of Radio 1. 1/3 article devoted to Mark and Lard. (p24 - p25)
  • Bizarre Magazine March/April 1997 - One page interview with Mark and Lard (p98)
  • Sky Magazine March 1997 - One page article on the move and the press conference (p56)
  • The Sun 19th February 1997 - Picture of Mark in his underpants from a few years ago (p15) and the Cock A Doodle Breakfast Show advert (p16).
  • Radio Times 15-21 February 1997 - One page article on Mark (p6)
  • The Daily Express 18th Feb - 1/2 page article on the first Breakfast Show.
  • NME 1st February 1997 - News report on the move to the Breakfast slot.
  • Sunday Times Culture Supplement 26th January - 1 1/2 page article on the move to Breakfast.
  • Fancy A Brew? Fanzine - The Mark and Lard Fanzine. Unfortunately it is no longer obtainable.
  • NME 25th January 1997 - One page interview (p24) on their move to daytime.
  • Daily Mail 24th January - One page article comparing Mark and Chris Evans (p18).
  • The People 23rd January - One page article on the move to Daytime.
  • Loaded January 1997 - One page interview (p23).
  • Sky Magazine May 1996 - Good interview and some top pictures as seen on this site. (p64-66)
  • NME 30th March 1996 - One page interview (p28).
  • NME 18th March 1995 - Mark Radcliffe Interview About The White Room
  • The Biggest Library Yet Issue 3 - Fall fanzine with a Marc Riley interview from November 1994. The interview is on this site.
  • NME 1st May 1993 - Interview about Hit The North and Cult Radio
  • NME 31st March 1984 - Interview with Marc Riley about his 'new' band Marc Riley with the Creepers.
3.What Do You Use To Make This Site?
All the ideas and much of the material is written using a blue biro and a sheet of A4 paper (Technology at it`s best). The HTML pages are mostly done using a mixture of Hotmetal Pro V3/V4 and Notetab Pro. The pictures are made or edited in Paint Shop Pro V5. The sounds are recorded off the radio using an old crappy Panasonic Geto-Blaster and then transferred to the computer using an even worse AIWA personal Stereo. The original site was made using a P120 with 32Megs of Ram and a 1GB harddrive. It's now done on a slightly more modern PC. The pictures are were either scanned on my old school's Apple Mac, on my friend Mike's scanner, on a scanner at University or by using my new Canon FB630U scanner. The site is hosted at 1&1.
4. What Software/Hardware Do I need To View This Site?
You should be able to use any old browser with an 800x600 screen with 65536 colours, (1024x768 is even better though).

The .WAV and MIDI sounds should be playable through your browser.

5. Did you Know That your Spelling Is Bobbins?
Yes, It`s never been one of my strong points and believe it or not I do use a spell checker for this site as well. If you do find any mistakes then please email me on the address below. Remember to say what page the word was on. Thanks.
6. Has This Site Been In The Press / On Radio?
I`m not one to blow my own trumpet (Cue Trumpet blowing sound effect) but yes it has.
  • Daily Telegraph`s Site Of The Week In January 1997 - Usually the reserve of the hugely expensive commercial sites. In the Connected supplement from Tuesday 28th January they wrote:

    With Chris Evans blowing up his ginger top and walking out of Radio One, it`s good to know that at least two DJs have their heads well and truly screwed in. New Breakfast Show hosts Mark Radcliffe and his sidekick Lard are honoured on The Unofficial Scrawn & Lard Site, which chronicles their rise from local radio and cult pop group obscurity to national radio self-effacing stardom. Pages of facts, pictures Show Guide and sound clips are available.

  • .net Magazine March 1997 - On page 9 of the Hit Parade Section.
  • .net Magazine Spring 1997 - On Page 41.
  • The (Glasgow) Herald's in early February- In their technology page their reporter Alistair Kerr said:

    For two years this pair have been languishing in a Manchester studio on weekday nights for Radio One. But not anymore, as they have taken over from Mr Evans on the Breakfast Show.

    This well-constructed site is chocca with memorable moments, previous features, biographies, spoof songs, catchphrases and more gubbins. Always at the cutting edge musically, they have pushed many bands into the nation's consciousness, the most famous being Oasis. Look for sidekick Lard's little travel bulletins to keep you informed of a morning; expect gobbets such as "There's a dead cat on Adlington Road, so if you're going that way then keep a look out for it".

  • Radio 1Radio 1`s Multimedia Update Recommended It - They said:

    "Our fave unofficial Mark and Lard shrine is at: http://www.[snipped].demon.co.uk/marklard/"

    That was the old address of the site before I moved it to here.

  • Simon Mayo Handover 5th June 1997 - He mentioned this site in the handover to Mark and Lard for reasons which I am not allowed to go into.
  • Connect Magazine August 1997 - P16 Half page article about the thing between this site and the 'Official' one.
  • BBC Manchester Online 17th February 2001 - Scrawn and Lard became BBC Manchester's "Site of the Week". They said "If you're a Radcliffe fan, then this site rocks a fat one!"
7. Can I send in any stories, poems, information or pictures to this site ?
Yes, I would love to get anyone`s contributions and I would be happy to publish stuff on this site. Please just email me anything you may have. If you want to send in any pictures on Mark and Lard then could you ZIP them first if possible. If you are sending any binaries to me could you check to make sure that I haven't already got it. Just have a look at the Thanks To list below to see the sort of stuff that other people have sent in.
8. Are there any Mark Radcliffe compilations / books available?
There have been quite a number of Mark Radcliffe books, CDs and compilations. Links to buy them on Amazon are on our Selling Out page.
9. Have you made any other Web Sites?
Have a look at:

Thanks Especially To

Also thanks to all the people who writes in giving me ideas or bits of information, it is very much appreciated.

Information Wanted

If you have ever met Mark and Lard or been on the show for some reason then please write in with an account of what happened. I am happy to publish any articles that you may have on Mark and Lard so please email me any stuff you may have. It also means that I do not have to think of as many things myself. Thanks.

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