Wheel Of Misfortune
Wheel Of Misfortune

"Lard spin that wheel". This is a quiz that started on the Breakfast show where each contestant starts with 10 crap CD`s and they have to answer 5 questions, each time they get a question wrong the lose 2 CD`s. There are 5 topics which are chosen by where the wheel goes. The topics are: The Spice is Right (about the Spice Girls), Questions from your Dad, The 64 Pence Question, Dave (about people called Dave), Space and Science Fiction and Linda McCartney`s Cookbook. They recently did it on their graveyard slot with Kenikie.

Theme Tune
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First Hand Experience

Many of you probably heard Wheel of Misfortune on The Breakfast Show and maybe felt very jealous of those lucky contestants who managed to get into the studio to meet Mark and Lard and play the game. On of those people was Richard, here is his account of what happened:

In ActionI was a participant on the wheel of misfortune, on the Tuesday that Mark and lard did Roy Evans (err sorry I mean Chris Evans, boom boom) Breakfast Show. Anyway, I live in Rusholme and Mark and lard have been my hero`s for about 3 years, and so I didn`t turn down the opportunity to meet them in the flesh. I was down at BBC by 8am ready for them to come out at 8:30, and was the first one there, after about 25 minutes another 6 people had come down. At 8:30, while the news was on, Michelle who I think is the sort of runner type person, came down and picked me and this kid called Ross to come on the show. After getting security passes, we followed Michelle to the studio, situated on the 1st floor, (you can see it from Oxford road), it was there that we met the producer called Liz and the engineer type bloke who`s name I didn't catch. Liz said that Mark was going to run out to go on the loo and while a record was on, Mark ran out in his socks and said hiya, and then legged it to the loo. We could see Lard playing with his drum kit in the other room, separated by a glass window.

When Mark came back in he introduced himself to us, and was perfectly pleasant. When we went into the studio we met Lard, who was wearing a nice pair of Kickers and a goatee beard. While the records are playing Scrawn and Lard play along to them with a set of drum sticks each, and Mark was playing air guitar to the stone roses, they gave us a quick briefing and told us to sit down next to some mikes (not from mikes mikes) where there was a pile of CD`S on the floor, I immediately sat next to the Johnny Spencer and his Blues Explosion CD`s as they are a top band.

The rules to Wheel Of Misfortune are basically there is no rules, apart from if you get a question wrong you have to give Lard 2 CD`s back. Mark did all the mike testing and then asked us our names and where we from live on air, he made a comment about my dyed bright red hair and Middlesbrough football club who I support, and continued to call me "Richard red hair" for the rest of the show. After the next record Lard described the wheel as a magnificent object with loads of flashing lights which was huge, Ross was then told to tell the truth, it was in fact a small cardboard wheel with a bit of tinsel and a Barbie doll on it. Lard spins the wheel and puts the category to whatever subject he wants. We then got asked 3 questions each:-

Q/What joint would you use if you were building a set of drawers ?
A/ Lard whispered that the answer was a dovetail joint, so I got that one right.

Q/ How much is a 1/4 of jelly beans ? A/ 57p, I said 64p and got it wrong, so had to give 2 CD`s back.

Q/ Something about the spice girls?
A/ Mel B and Mel C, which was right, but Mark pretended that I`d got it wrong by saying " No Geri and Hilda" or something like that, but then admitted that I was right. After Mark had put the next record on they said goodbye and shook our hands, and then Michelle escorted us out of the building, with our CD`s. Liz the producer said that they were like they are on the radio all the time and they certainly seemed to be while we were there. It was really cool, and not at all bobbins, and everyone in the studio was really nice to us.Sunglasses

Thanks very much to Richard for sending this in.
Wheel Of Misfortune MIDI file by Andrew Bond.

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