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Trivial Hairsuit was a quiz where two contestants come into the studio to answer various hair related questions. The winner then got a haircut off Keith from Levenshulmes Mullet world. The loser has to go under Lard's hairdryer of doom.

Beverley Fairburn was a contestant on Trivial Hairsuit on 23rd May 1997 and this is her account of what happened:

Anyway, I was on Trivial Hursuite on the 23rd of May and it was a really great day. Everyone was really nice, especially Patrick the Studio Audience and Keith the Hairdresser(who looked like David Bowie). Me and my dad arrived on the Thursday night and had been told to try and meet the other contestant, Edward, before the show on Friday, but when we got to the hotel and rang his room at 9.30, we were told he had gone to bed as he was taking the quiz seriously. On hearing this, we went and sat in the bar for the rest of the night.

Before we got there, I didn't believe that you actually got a haircut if you won, but Keith soon turned up and I realised that it was all real. We watched the show from about 7.20, this was the time when pixie dancing was still Lard dancing on the table, although he just waved his feet on the table as they had been doing Top of The Pops the night before, but Mark did get up and do a Pixie dance.

We got in to the studio just after 8.00 and were immediately threatened by Lard's hairdryer of doom - it's little and red, very scary.

Winning the haircut involved answering 3 questions about hair correctly, although it took us about 8 questions before I got to 3. Between the records Mark kept talking about what he thought of the records, saying things like "I thought we were going to get through one show without playing Jamiroqui, I was wrong" and "I can remember the first time we played this" about White Town. They were also talking about how they were looking forward to seeing Radiohead in Barcelona the next day.

During my haircut, Lard kept telling me how Chris Evans "never gave away anything like this".

Mark also took the piss out of my dad as one of his mates had sent an email in telling them how he liked Star Trek and then he apologised after he swore a couple of times, which made me laugh. After the show, they let us take loads of photos and did some more pixie dancing, then Rhys told us about how they were going to be Pixie dancing at Glastonbury and buying pixie boots for everyone. It was a great day and I came away with a badly needed haircut which made it even better.

Thanks to Beverley Fairburn for sending this account in.

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