SongBookTa La

by Peela Tater

based on Tattva by Kula Shaker

Like the flowers in the scent of summer,
Mystic oriental spice,
Shall we take a pilgrimage to our spiritual mecca?
Oh bollocks to it let's have a curry and rice.

Chicken tikka poppadum tala (tala!),
Aloo gobi poppadum tala (tala!),
Onion bhajee poppudam tala (tala!),
Plate of chips poppadum tala (tala!),

Meditating with the marharishi,
Live a life that's pure and sparse,
Lamb jalfrezi and fifteen pints of larger,
Sends a message to your arse.

Bindi bhajee poppadum tala (tala!),
Tarka dohl poppadum tala (tala!),
Tarka the otter poppadum tala (tala!),
Tennents extra poppadum tala...

Thanks to Sarah for sending this in.

This song is featured on The Worst... Album in the World... ever... ever! by The Shirehorses. For more Shirehorses information go to our Shirehorses page.

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