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The Busy Buzzy Bee Game is a fantastic quiz on The Mark Radcliffe and Lard Breakfast Show. Two contestants come into the studio to play it. It starts with the fantastic Jingle which is sung by Arthur Askey.

Busy Bee

Oh what a glorious thing to be,
A healthy grown-up Busy Buzzy Bee,
Whiling away the passing hours,
Pinching all the pollen from the *corn field flowers.

*The lyrics are actually Corn Field Flowers but Mark and Lard always sing Corned-Beef flowers

The first part is called Busy Bee Bit where the contestants get seven questions but the answers always begin with B. If they know the answer they have to press there Busy Buzzy Bee Buzzer, one makes a high pitched noise and one makes a low pitched noise. The winner of the first bit goes on to Lard's Busy Buzzy Bee Challenge which is a game where you have to get a loop round a metal wire without touching it. The contestant is allowed as many touches as he/she got answers right. The winner wins a big pot of honey and the loser wins a smaller pot of honey so no one goes away empty handed.

They have got a part to replace Lard's Buzzy Bee Challenge called Lard's Buzzy Bee Arcade Game which is a 6ft high thing with fake bees flying around inside. You have to scoop them out and put them in a honey pot. If you get 10 in the pot then you get a jar of honey. If you get over 10 then you get two jars.

First Hand Experience

Gareth Jones was a contestant in The Busy Buzy Bee Game on Wednesday March 19th 1998. Mark described him as the most useless contestant they have ever had after he made a total cock up of Lard's Buzy Bee Challenge. He wrote in to give his story.

Mark and Lard are dead nice blokes. They're exactly the same off-air as they are on-off. We were in the studio with them between 8-9am, and they talked to us when the records were playing. Poor old Lard has got very blood-shot eyes at the moment, and he was telling us his life story about his bad eyes, and all these eye drops he keeps taking which don't seem to work. Mark used his drum sticks and drummed along when all the good records were on, and when he played the shite ones, he'd say to us "Oh, them f***ing Fugees" and "Jamiroqui, He's a tosser him, in't he?" etc.

Mark knew about me, cos I've been listening to them since "Hit The North", and I've been writing to them and sending them stuff since 1990, so it was nice when he said on air that I'd been a long-standing listener for years. I had a great time, and it went so quickly. I wish I hadn't got plastered with the other contestant in the hotel the night before, I was so tired and hung-over that I couldn't fully appreciate what happened that morning. I would have enjoyed it more if I was sober. That's why I didn't have a steady hand to do the buzzy game, because we'd drank too much the night before. I was told by Mark's producer to try and meet the other contestant, Sarah, so that we could get to know each other a bit before the morning. Sarah didn't arrive at the hotel until 10.30pm, and we eventually met in the hotel bar at 11pm. The bar stayed open all night I think, so we just stayed there chatting and drinking until 4am! Then we had to be at the BBC by 7am!

I got up at 6.50am and threw on my clothes and scrubbed my teeth. Sarah was still in bed! But she told me she's good at getting up early and can handle late nights. I thought that I would be the one over-sleeping.

To get on the quizzes just write in saying you'd like to take part in a future game, and you'll get contacted. I wrote in three weeks ago, so you may not have to wait long. They pay your train fare and put you up in a hotel, and pay for a taxi to collect you from the hotel to the Beeb in the morning.

Thanks to Gareth Jones for sending this account in.

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