SongBookVinderloo Sunset

by Fat Harry White

based on Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

Uh uh,
Mmm baby,
Flippin drummers hey,
Who's messing with the record?
Dirty old river must you keeep rolling,
Riding into the night,
Yeah hear what you're saying,
What's he saying
Meeting so busy,
Makes me feel busy,
That er light shines so bright,
One time
But I know people say,
don't feel afraid not even at night,
Cause I keep on the landing light,
Long as I gaze vindaloo sun
Vindaloo sunset in paradise          

Vinaloo sunset long as I gaze
Vindaloo sunset I stuff my face
Everyday I look at the world from my window,
You want to get out more you lazy git,
You'll get fat,
But chilli chilli is the evning time,
chilli chilli you net southern git,
I went out in a cap sleeve t-shirt and i felt nowt
Terry meets julie at waterloo station every friday night,
Terry meets julie in his brand new kecks,
They have a swift half then they go and have sex.
I'm not lazy you've got to wonder,
I stay up all night,
I stay at home it's a very dull life,
Chips and curry then i snog the wife
And i know i don't feel afraid,
I don't feel afraid when the goul has come,
Cause i just shout out for my mum 

Mmm baby,
It's gonna be a hit this,
That orchestra's well out of tune,
Oh it's a shame
Waterloo sunset
(some choir bloke sings)
Christ almighty

Thanks to Sarah Wileman and Anthea Dixon for transcribing these lyrics.

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