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Here are a some links to other Mark Radcliffe sites. If any do not work or if you want your site or fanzine mentioned then please email me the details.

The Websites

The Facebook Fan Page

There is an a Mark Radcliffe and Lard Facebook Fan page here. You can set yourself as being a fan of Mark and Lard in your Facebook profile.

The NewsgroupNews

The Mark Radcliffe Newsgroup was set up a month or two before the end of The Graveyard shift. Here you can find things ranging from the newest Mark & Lard gossip to total irrelevance. UKMRR regulars knew about the end of the Graveyard shift way before it was officially announced & it is the place to go if something about a recent show has puzzled you. I have been known to post articles to it in the past but currently I do not reguarly look at it.

If you don't have a newsreader you can still read all the newsgroup messages by going to

Google Groups UKMRR

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