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Here are some pictures of the BBC Manchester studios where Mark & Lard broardcast from, as well as the "Footage & Firkin" and the Spar accross the road.

BBC Studio in Manchester
The BBC studio on Oxford Road in Manchester
BBC Studio on Oxford Road
Another view of the Palace Of Glittering Delights.


The Spar accross the road, often mentioned by Mark Radcliffe & Lard
The Spar accross the road from the BBC studio which is often mentioned  on the show.


The Footage & Firkin Pub
The Footage & Firkin pub on Oxford Road which apparently is a regular haunt for Mark & Lard. When on the Graveyard Shift they refered to it as "The Flea and Hand Shandy".


The Footage & Firkin Pub
A side view of the Footage & Firkin.


Oxford Road in Manchester
Looking down Oxford Road at the studio.


BBC Manchester Studio
The middle bit of the studio.
BBC Manchester Studio
The other end of it.

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