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The Indecipherable Boys

After The Shirehorses split up Mark & Lard formed The Indecipherable Boys. There first songs had completely indecipherable lyrics, hence the name. Their newer songs such as "Horny" do however have completely decipherable (and very rude) lyrics.

The Line Up

  • Mark Radcliffe - Drums, Vocals (bottom)
  • Marc 'Lard' Riley - Guitars, Vocals (left)
  • Chris Lee (Chester's Dark Prince) - ?
  • Rob Fawcett - Bass (Producer on the show)


  • Horny - Read the Lyrics
  • Fight For Your Right To Party - This song later influenced the Beastie Boys
  • Intergalactic - Influenced the Beastie Boys

In September & October 1998 the The Indecipherable Boys did a tour of the following Universities. Most of these shows were for students only. As they sold out so quickly they did offer tickets as prizes on the Afternoon Show.

The Indecipherable Boys Tour

They were supported by The Mighty Horse - A Tribute to the Shirehorses by the Shirehorses.

Future Plans

At the moment there do not seem to be any plans for an album.

If you know anything else about the The Indecipherable Boys then please email me.

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