Mark Radcliffe Quiz

This is the Mark Radcliffe and Lard JavaScript quiz. It is not very hi-tech so it is up to you if you cheat or not. The score is in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. You get 1 point for each right answer. You lose a point for some incorrect answers. I've tested this in IE4 and Netscape 4, hopefully it should work in other browsers as well. All the answers are somewhere on this site.

Northern Radcliffe Examining Board
General Knowledge Theory Test

1. What is Lard's real name?

2. What was Mark & Lard's Radio 5 show called?

3. Which band battered Lard?

4. What is Mark's marital status?

5. What are Little and Large?

6. How many times have they presented Top Of The Pops?

7. Which of these was Lard's band?

8. Which celebrities erection is used as a sound effect?

9. What was Lard's record label called?

10. Who did Mark Radcliffe produce sessions for?

11. What Building did Dick and Ken report from?

12. Which Afternoon Show item was originally done on Hit The North?

13. What did Pumpy Boy lose down the toilet on a Mark & Lard roadshow?

14. Which Football team do they support?

15. Which TV show did Mark make a guest appearence on?


  • 0 or less - Absolutely terrible, you need to do some serious revising. Detention for the next 2 weeks.
  • 0-5 - Not Good. Better do some more reading of this site till you know it all.
  • 5-10 - OK, but could do better.
  • 10-14 - Well done, a superb performance.
  • 15 - Mark and Lard would be proud. You obviously have revised well - or cheated, but I'm sure you wouldn't do that.
  • Over 15 - You've been cheating.

If you have any comments or suggestions then please email me.

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