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"Mmm Baby - The Seduction Selection" the album by Fat Harry White and his Love Limited Orchestra consists of a load of Fat Harry White's usual innuendo filled ramblings. It got to number 83 in the album chart and has sold over 18,000 copies to date. It is a budget album so you should be able to get it quite cheaply (I got my copy for £7.50).

It's out on "Anxious Records" (a sub-label of Warner Music UK), the record number is 3984-25820-2.

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You can buy Mmm Baby - The Seduction Selection from Amazon. If you do then maybe one day I will get a few pounds out of Amazon!

Track Listing

  1. Dressin' Up For The Ladies
  2. Callin' Doctor Love (Fatboy Slimfat Mix)
  3. In the Garden of Eden
  4. Rummagin' For Love
  5. This Funky Masquerade
  6. Amore En Vacances (Feat DJ 5 O'Clock Shadow)
  7. Lookin' Deep Inside For Love
  8. Showering You with Sensitivity
  9. Workin' Out With My Lady (Chemical Toilet Brothers Edit)
  10. Strokin' My Feline Baby
  11. Fingering the Keyboard of Love
  12. Keep a Photograph of You (So Close to my Heart)
  13. Dining Out On Love
  14. The Animal In Me (Roni Outsize Club mix)
  15. My Baby Stroked My Beard
Front Cover of the Album
The cover of Fat Harry White's "Hmmm Baby The Seduction Selection"..


Inside Cover
Pictures from the inside cover of the album.


Inside Cover
Pictures from the inside cover of the album.


Back Cover
Back cover.


The Seduction Selection CD
The CD.

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