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Music Live 97
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As part of Radio 1's Live music support Mark & Lard presented a program about the live music scene in Manchester. Here are some pictures from the program.

Mark & Lard in their radio studio

Mark and Lard presented most of it from inside their studio, at the BBC in Manchester.

Live music in Manchester

There were reports on live bands who were playing in Manchester as part of the event.

Lard on the telephone

Lard uses the telephone (Left), and tries to get his radio to work (right).

Lard tries to get a radio to work
Classical music in Manchester

There was also a report on upcoming Classical composers in Manchester.

Mark Radcliffe plays the piano

Not wanting to be outdone, Mark demonstrates his piano skills.

Lard reads a magazine

While Lard gets doen to some reading.

Mark talks

Lard listens with interest to Mark (left), and they have a sit down in their studio (right).

Mark & Lard sit down

End credits to Music Live 97

The final credits to the program.

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