SongBookBobbins Tune

Sung over the Travel Jingle

Played on 16/12/92

Mark: The time has come for me to say,
      "Welcome to this Hit The North show",
Lard: It's nearly twenty past ten on Wednesday already,
Mark: We couldn't think of a good way to start the bleedin' show,
Lard: So we're doing the same old crap as you can see,
Mark: Oh, How much mileage can you get out of this bobbins tune,
Lard: We've wheeled it out several time before,
Mark: We're clapped out nackered and the wrong side of thirty,
Lard: But we don't give a monkeys any more.

Lard: It's getting very near the festive season type thing,
Mark: Group sex under the mistletoe and all that jazz,
Lard: We want to, get drunk, and play, nudie twister,
Mark: We'd much rather be out there on the razz,
      There's a guitar solo here, I'll turn the mikes off.
Lard: Go on then.     

[Spoken bit during Guitar Solo]

Mark: It's bobbins in here in'it?
Lard: Oorh
Mark: It's a flipin khazi,
Lard: I'll tell you what, every Wednesday, it does your head in dun'it
Mark: I'd much rather be out, you know,
      We could be pullin' some crackers tonight,
      Cos I've got a nice box,
      I bought some fairy lights and I've got a nice box.
Lard: I've heard that, just put a long record on we'll go for a pint.
Mark: We could do couldn't we, well just sing the other verse and then
      we'll, then we'll think about it. Go on you start,
Lard: Put the mikes on.
Mark: Go on, go on, right.

[Singing starts again]

Lard: Still we are highly disciplined professionals to the end,
Mark: We still come across as two eager young pups,
Lard: The reason, we turn up, from week to soddin' week,
Both: Is because we know we're going to get wedged up.

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