SongBook(Now) I Know (Where I'm Going) Our Kid

by The ShireHorses

based on Love Is the Law by The Seahorses

Played on the The Breakfast Show (9/5/97).

Mark: I'm a Rock N Rollin man, In a crappy little van
      And I'm dead excited me.
      We're doin' our first gig in the Porcupine and Pig
      Got to be in Inverness by three,
      Lard's at the wheel, had a happy eater meal,
M&L:  Rock N Roll!
M:    I've got a pair of leather kecs and a pair of tinted specs
      And an electronic guitar.
      Started out at two and we're just approaching Crew,
      We haven't got very far,
      His eyesight's crap and he hasn't got a map,
      Just take me home.

Lard: No, Now I know where I'm going, Our kid,
      Just sit back, enjoy the ride.
M:    Well you'd better get it right or I'll beat you senseless.

          (Talky Bit)

L:    Course I'm right, I'll just take the next right.
M:    Well just get me there, I'm dead exited about this gig
      you know I am, you're always spoiling things for me.
L:    Sorry.

         (Singing starts again)

M:    Many miles on the clock and I'm ready to rock,
      How's it looking Lard?
L:    We're on the A37 and we're fast approaching Devon,
      Shall we stop off for a jar?
M:    God I wish I'd never met this Lardy theckless get,
      Just take me home.

L:    No, Now I know where I'm going, Our kid,
      Just sit back, enjoy the ride.
M:    Please get it right cos' I'm losing my sense.

         (Talking bit)

L:    Look we're in Torquay right, I'll just take the next left.
M:    Oh-ba-a-ye-ge I, I'm goin' to practice my singing right.
      The Quantocks?, is that near Inverness?
L:    Yeah.

        (Strange Swingle 2 type singing)

M&L   Holly, Dick, Nu and a shovel full of poo,
      I work on the land, dum dum de dum.


M:    Right where are we up to? Budleigh Salterton!
L:    Yeah, that's just outside Scotland.
M:    It's absolutely no where near it, just turn the
      van round and get be back.
L:    Look here, Bideford, 4 miles.

Guitar Tips

To do the intro / main riff put a capo on the second fret and then play this:


This song is featured on The Worst... Album in the World... ever... ever! by The Shirehorses. For more Shirehorses information go to our Shirehorses page.

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