by The Horse Brothers

based on J`Taime by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Lard: Ah
Mark: (Orgasmic Noises) Ooorh,
L:    Ahh,
M:    O
L:    Aaah Ooorh
M:    Ooorh
L:    Ah
M:    Ooorh
L:    Oorh, J`Taime
M:    Orh J`Taime, Oorh
L:    J`Taime,
M:    Orh J`Taime you an all our kid, Oorh
L:    Orh J`Taime, J`Taime
M:    J`Taime, J`Taime, J`Taime, Oorhhh
L:    Arh, Orh, Ah, J`Taime
M:    Orh J`Taime, Orh J`Taime
L:    (Small Farty Noise)
L:    Je apologize. (Pause)I`ve spoilt the mood now havn`t I.
      Orh, Je Stink
M:    Orh, Bloody Hell
L:    Hang On, Here comes another one..
     (Huge massive Fart that echoes all around)

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