SongBookBill Oddity

by Alladin-Ane

Based on Space Oddity by David Bowie

This tune was used on the Graveyard Shift feature 'The Story Of Pop' before being included on The Shirehorse's album.

(Written about his Ginger Tom cat called Tom)
Mark: 10, Oh sorry,
      10, brown beef whiskers for ginger Tom, 9
      8, 7, brown beef whiskers for ginger Tom,
      Hamilton Academicals 1, Stenhousemuir,
      Take your worming pills and put your flea collar on,
      1, ooorrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, F**king hell!

Cat:  This is Ginger Tom to David's soul,
      I'm pukeing on the floor,
      The room is floating in a most peculiar way,
      Some bastard's spiked my Whiskers cat food yesterday,

Mark: For here am I hanking in a tin can,
      Far above the loo,
       (fart noise).

Hamilton Academicals and Stenhousemuir are Scottish football teams. (Thanks to Peter for the info).

This song is featured on The Worst... Album in the World... ever... ever! by The Shirehorses. For more Shirehorses information go to our Shirehorses page.

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