SongBookLittle Lard

Based on Little Star by Stina Nordenstrem

The original tune can be found on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.

Mark: A lump of La-Lard,
      Say you'll heard the goats,
      This town is Swinton you know,
      In this town in a Winter coat,
      Those nipple rings,
      And nappy nose,

      A lump of Lard,
      Made a cross-may pie,
      There was a fire at our house,
      Lard had left the chip pan on, the lunatic,
      Covered it over with a wet tea towel,
      Phew, Little Lard.

Mark: No more
Both: Chip suppers for Lardy boy,
      He's drunk my Mums Benedictine that she got got in Melaner,
      We're off down to the pub to play dominos,
      Phew, Little Lard.

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