SongBookLardy Boy

by Gazebo

based on Nancy Boy by Placebo

Played on the first week of The Breakfast Show (21/2/97).

Mark: Alcoholic, nice and rude,
      In his undies and his shoes,
      Cruising for a piece of fun,
Lard: Get to Bed! Ho Ho! Bu Bum!
M:    Different Partner every night,
      All fat biffas talking s****,
      Making gas,
      What a great big Lardy ass,
      And he always breaks wind in our four poster,
      Using his bum cakes as a toaster,
      Pain in the arse, making a pot of tee..hee,
L:    Fancy A Brew?
M:    Kind of stench that lasts for days,
      Need some help from deodorant sprays,
      Drops a bad un` (Farty Noise) ship ahoy,
      Just another Lardy Boy,
      And his catchphrases are inane and brain dead,
L:    That`s the Bunny! Get Out Of Bed!
M:    Quality items? I wouldn`t have thought so..ho,
      His appeal is hardly universal,
      He video-tapes bra commercials,
      How in the world did he ever get on the Breakfast Show?..ho,
L:    That`s the Bunny, Ay up our kid, Ho Ho, Oh Cobblers,
      Cod Fish Battered Balls.

This song is featured on The Worst... Album in the World... ever... ever! by The Shirehorses. For more Shirehorses information go to our Shirehorses page.

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