SongBookBlues Explosion

by Frank Spencer Blues Explosion

based On Blues Explosion by The John Spencer Blues Explosion

Easily their noisiest tune. Mark vocals are heavily distorted but Lard`s are not. The music consists of distorted guitar thrashing about a lot and manic drumming. Yhe music suddenly stops when they start talking.

Mark: Oh, Ohw, ORO,OH!
Lard: Wot?
M:    Blues Explosion
L:    Wot?
M:    Frank Spencer Blues Explosion-nah
     (Dead Good Guitar and Drums Bit)
M:    Ohw!
L:    Wot?
M:    Blues Explosion
     (Guitar Solo)
M:    Oh!
L:    Wot?
M:    My Turn (Mark starts his Drum Solo)
M:    Oh!
L:    Wot?
M:    Ah, Arh, ARRH, AH-HU(cough, cough, choke)UH, 
      Uh(cough, Choke)Arh-HUGH(choke)Uh Huh(Cough)Wah!
L:    You alright there?
M:    That`s got it, Blues Explosion
     (Guitar Solo and Drums Bit)
L:    WOT?!
M:    Blues Explosion
L:    Carry on.
     (Wierd Theremin type noise, probally Lard hitting the top
      note of his guitar and then pissing about with the Tremolo)
M:    Aye
L:    Wot?
M:    I`m nackered now

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