by Supergrass

based on Alright by Supergrass

As done on the Graveyard Shift

M & L: They are young,
       Av bad teeth,
       Gaz and Mick,
       And Danny,
       You all love em,
       But not me.

Mark:  Well, they're alright,
Lard:  Yeah, well they're alright aren't they? You know.

M&L    Now they're rich,
       Lot's of mates,
       But the totty
       Ask for dates,
       They're not bad,
       They're not great,

Lard:  Just alright really.
Mark:  Yeah, they're alright, yeah.
Lard:  Ha Ha!

M&L:   Only joking,
       We dig you man,
       And we like to have sex,
       With you all in your van.
       Cos we are old,
       You are young,
       Rumour has it,
       You're well hung,
       We're not fussy,
       We're not bright,
       But you're alright.

Lard:  Well they're alright,
Mark:  They are they're alright,
Lard:  They're not great but they're alright.

         [Lard's terrible twangy guitar solo]

Lard:  Oh, bollocks to it.
       Oooh ar ooh aaah oooh... 
  [Lard continues to yodle the melody and Mark joins in for the end]

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