SongBookThat`s Nice

by The Horse Brothers

Based on That`s Nice by Minty

A bag of chips and a pint of mild,
Oo that`s nice.
A cuppa tea and a vanilla slice,
Oooh bloody `ell that`s nice.
Sleeveless cardy and a pair of slacks,
Eh that`s nice.
A Citroen Xantia, Two air bags,
Oooh, That`s nice,
Here you are our kid,Wha`d`ya think of that then?
(noise of zip being unzipped followed by a heavy thud)
That`s nice.
Look What happens if you tickle it a bit.
(David Bowie`s Erection Springy noise)
Blimey, that`s nice!
Bend over our kid I`ll drive,
Oorh that`s a bit painful actually.
By the way your sister called this morning
She`s had a baby boy.
Hey, that`s nice.

Nice to meet yer,
Yeah, nice to meet you mate.
Er, I wouldn`t want to be yer,
You cheeky c***.
South American grapefruit and a tub of Marge,
That`s nice,
Get it well coated, have the time of your life,
Oorh bloody `ell, I bet that hurts.
Give it a minute, out it comes. (pop sound)
Bloody hell, that`s disgusting,
Pass the sugar, would you like a slice ?
Ah, go on then that looks nice.

N.B. Two voices are used but they were both done by Mark as Lard was sciving off.
Second Voice is in Italics.

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