Tony McCarrol

Tony McCarroll was a character on the Mark Radcliffe show, loosely based on the Oasis founder. This is his in-show character biography.

He was the former drummer of top pop-combo Oasis until he was sacked. He then started Classical Gas where he added his kick-botty drumming style to classical records. For this project he was joined by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. He recorded a session on the Graveyard Shift show and the 'Classical Gas' album was made available through Scrawn & Lard Enterprises.

On realizing that paying a 75 piece orchestra to play with him was dragging him quickly into debt; he disbanded Classical gas and formed "Drum 'n' Bass" with Simon from The Crazy Son`s Of Bitches. Tony played drums in the band while Simon played the Bass guitar, making them the first proper Drum 'n' Bass combo ever. "Drum 'n' Bass" recorded a session on the Mark Radcliffe Show. Tony is now being managed by Shit Agent

Tony soon got pissed off with Drum 'n' Bass realizing that it was an unwise idea. He set up a cake shop on Slade Lane in Burnage to supplement his income.

With the money he made, he was able to buy a Yamaha DD50 drum machine so that he could start work on his drum masterclass video. Tony regularly came on the show to pass his top drumming style on to us.

The drum masterclass video did not sell well, probably because he was duplicating them himself at home. He now runs a Hand-Clap Clinic as well as his Drum Clinic. These two ventures mean that he is a busy man now.

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