Some Classic Hit The North Gubbins

Here are some memorable moments from Hit The North.

1. Lard decided that it would be a good idea to light a firework which he had shoved down the front of his trousers.

2. In 1992 they held a Hit The North Roadshow from a field at Leisure Parks in Tarlton (near Southport). It was late at night and only about 5 people had turned up. Then it started raining and they had to make do with a few live songs from Rob Grey who just happened to be camping in the next tent. They also had a round of golf and managed to get some jokes in a bout luminous balls.

Lard In A Triumpth Dolomite 3.On the 26th May 1993 Mark was getting pissed off with Lard the Producers constant meddling in the show so when he caught Lard reading a petrol token catalogue instead of Producing the show he suggested that it would be a good idea if Lard took his Triumph Dolomite and drove it up and down Oxford Road so that he could get some more petrol tokens. Lard stupidly agreed and left but forgot that he was supposed to fill it up again. He was left stranded in Oxford Road. Fortunately he managed to run back in time to do Chutney Of The Week.

If you can remember any more Hit The North Classic Moments then please email me

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