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Dick Cheshire and Ken Stiles were Radio 1`s Snooker correspondent. They used to have a regular spot on the Mark Radcliffe Graveyard Shift reporting from the prestigious venue "The Crucifix" keeping us informed of the latest Snooker news and events. Dick Cheshire in particular has done a lot for snooker today by forming the Associated National Union of Snooker.

The Dick and Ken sketches were basically an excuse to get as much sexual innuendo into two minutes as possible mostly revolving around Dick`s name.

The tune that is played at the begining and the end of Dick and Ken is called Drag Racer by The Doug Wood Band

And Now It`s Time To Join Dick and Ken Live At The Crucifix

Dick: Hello again listeners, it`s Dick Cheshire here at the Crucifix, not certain that we`ll be able to bring you any match coverage of this evening due to the Snooker Union strike. The strong picket line outside is making it difficult to get through. My colleague Ken will be joining me though, and here he is now, Good Evening Ken.

Ken: Good Evening Dick, it`s hell crossing that picket line, how did you manage to get in unscathed?

D: I came up the back passage with Len the referee.

K: Oh, I`m not familiar with that way.

D: You should give it a try Ken, you might prefer it, I came across it one night by accident and I`ve used it ever since. It`s a lot better when you`re just slipping in and out.

K: I think I`ll stick to the way I know best thanks, by the way Dick, in your playing days weren`t you quite a big knob in the Snooker Union?

D: Yes and I still am, in fact I`m proud to say that I was the founder of the Associated National Union of Snooker.

K: Yes and apparently you`ll do anything to get as many new members in there as possible.

D: Now Ken you know that`s my sore point.

Dick and Ken

Dick & Ken: Ha, Ha, Ha, Har, Oh, Ha, Ha

D: You`re so right Ken.

K: Yes, yes.

D: You`re right there Ken, how they both got a job on the radio is beyond me.

K: And me,

D: They`re just a couple of those cloth capped Northerners.

K: Yes and judging by that rubbish they play..

D: Yes rubbish

K: They`ve got ears to match.

D & K: Oh, Ha, Ha, Harr..

(Mark Radcliffe`s voice in the background)

Mark: Yes over to Dick and Ken at The Crucifix live.

D: Thank you Mark, great show by the way.

K: Yeah, yes, great show, er, too Mark, great show.

D: So you join us here as Jimmy Bright leads in this the 8th frame and it`s a textbook break, studying the table now.

K: Have you seen that Jim Davidson Snooker programme Dick.

D & K: Disgraceful

K: It`s dragging this Glamourous game of ours into disrepute.

D: Yes and it`s full of those double entendres.

K: Yes very cheep laughs Dick.

D: Yeah so Jimmy Bright`s stretching for this one. Balls evenly spread, he looks indecisive.

K: Would you go for a brown Dick?

D: There`s every possibility in this game Ken.

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